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About Me

About Me

Vital Stats

Married to my beautiful wife of 23 years and have been blessed with an incredibly awesome daughter; Resident of the great state of Michigan; Devoted husband and father; Aspiring photographer; History buff and car guy.

Last Book Read

Fight and Flight by Col. Bud Anderson. Story of WWII triple ace and his time as a P-51 Fighter pilot until the end of his storied Air Force career.

Favorite Film

300, The Greatest Showman, Ten Commandments, Entire Star Wars Trilogy, Cars, Monsters Inc, Avatars, Animal House, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, Despicable Me (All Three) Top Gun I&II, Mission Impossible (Pick one), 007 Bond Films.

Favorite Food

Spaghetti, Anything BBQ, Tacos, Oriental Stir Fry, Anything made with Blueberries or Cherries, Chocolate Chip Cookies


Privileged to have had my images and articles grace the pages of Airspeed Magazine. So honored to have my wildlife images published in leading publications like Birds and Blooms and Birdwatchers Digest. He also is and advocate for wildlife conservation through affiliations with the National Wildlife Foundation and the American Bird Conservancy.

Favorite Restaurants

Subway, Mitchell’s Fish Market, Olive Garden (Anything all you can eat is on my list); Bob Evans, Pizza Hut, Andiamo’s Italian Bistro, Five Guys Burgers and Coney Islands

Hobbies and Interests

Photography, NASCAR, Verizon Indy Car, Formula 1, Aviation, Fitness, Reading, Going to Zoos, Hiking and just being in nature.

Favorite Music

Loves 80’s music from Journey, Foreigner, Earth Wind & Fire and Acapella

Favorite Software

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, Adobe Audition, NIK Collection, Nikon’s NX Studio

Frequented Websites

MoosePeterson, Scott Kelby, Kelby One, Piximperfect, YouTube, Morten Hilmer, Strobist, Instagram, Bedford Camera, B&H Photo, Nikon

Memorable Moments

Marrying the love of my life and seeing the miracle of my daughters birth

Guiding Philosophy

No image is worth the welfare of the subject. Nature is part of us and reflects who we are. As a visual storyteller, it is my mission to educate, inspire my viewers in the beauty and wonders of this planet.