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My Blog

Tips for shooting in the snow

With winter upon us, I thought it would be nice to offer some tips for shooting in the snow that have helped my my photography . These may seem basic, but they are practical and are tried and true, So without further delay,...

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Ultrawide Lens Comparison

When in the market for ultra-wide landscape lenses, I had really two options that would work with Z system from Nikon. The 14-30mm f/4 S and the 14-24mm f/2.8 S lenses. Nikon makes some seriously good wide lenses and the old AF-S...

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Cranbrook Gardens

The property of Cranbrook House and Grdens was the residence or George and Ellen Booth at the turn of the twentieth century. Both shared interests in landscaping, art and sculptures, along with having a philathropist spirit. Garnering hsi fortune from publishing, George booth...

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Photography is not about likes

I have to chuckle when I am among other photographers and I hear them talking about likes, and followers. It is as if their photography depends on this and they become hyper-focused on how many views a particular photo received. This then seems...

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Memory card mess up

I want to share an incident that happened to me regarding my memory cards, specifically XQD versus CFexpress. Now, full disclosure, this was all my fault. Not the card or the camera, but all me. Here is what happened. While on...

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Evolution of a Static

Anyone who has ever attended and airshow can tell you, they are busy. People, tents, food kiosks, buildings, and more are all around as part of the show. This makes for a challenge when trying to capture aviation statics with any type of...

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