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My Blog

The New Kid

For many years, I loved shooting with Nikons 70-300 lens for the F-mount. This was one of my favorite travel and walk around lens and produced some of my favorite images. I had the original 70-300 and then upgraded to the VR version...

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Spring Sale Event

I am currently doing some spring cleaning for my prints and thought, what better time to have a sale. All prints are 25% off for signature event just use the code SPRING2024 to obtain the discount. If there is a certain size...

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Field Made Labels, Love em!

One of the biggest pet peeves that I have is when out shooting, and using multiple lenses, sometimes the front and rear element caps get tossed in my gear bag all together. Then when looking for the the right one, for the right lens,...

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Just Passing Through

Each winter, we have flocks of Dark Eyed Junco's that stop at our feeders. They are super fast, darting here and there, with white flicks of their tale feathers. Mostly staying on the ground, eating the seed that ohter birds drop from the...

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Zemlin lens caps – Brillaint

One thing I could never understand with Nikon is why they did not provide lens caps to there more expensive glass like super-telephotos and such. Seems to me that this would be of paramount importance to protect that precious front element. But, they...

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Gear Review: Nikon Z 600 f/4 TC S

This h as been a dream lens of mine for a long time. Needless to say, you need to save some pennies and dimes for a while to purchase this lens. With a gear locker now cleaned out and several of my older...

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