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My Blog

The social side of photography

Finding a genre in photography that excites you I believe is what can keep you going. The excitement of trying to better photographs that already have or capturing something new is all part of the passion for me.. On aspect I really enjoy...

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Nikon Z8 for Airshows

I was very excited to try the Nikon Z8 for an upcoming airshow that I have been looking forward to for sometime. Having many of the same characteristics of the Nikon Z9, I was eager to put it through its paces. Here is...

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Shiawassee National Refuge

The 10,000 acre Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1953 for use as an inviolate sanctuary and for any other management purposes of migratory birds. The refuge also serves as an ideal destination for recreation. As a designated Important Bird Area, it is a...

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Photographers and thick skin

As creatives, photographers put themselves and their work out there often knowing full well that criticsim will surely come from some who don't like the product. There are those who can constructively review your work and provide insights and for those individuals, I value...

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Nikon’s Z9 Auto Capture

I have been very eager to use Nikon's new auto capture feature on the brilliant Z9. Finally had a chance this weekend with the most challenging of subjects, hummingbirds. This new feature takes remote photography to the most basic form, simply set and...

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The Nikon Z8, I stand corrected

At the beginning of the Nikon Z8 release, I wrote a post wondering if the Z8 was just a means for Nikon to boost their profits and capitalize on the success of the Z line of mirrorless cameras. Having had a chance to finally...

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