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My Blog

New files

It is always a exciting moment when I can add to my libray of files with a new species that I perhaps have seen, but have not yet photographed. That happened this weekend when I was finally able to add the White Crowned Sparrow...

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Product innovation or profit booster

Back on April 25th, I did a post on the then rumored NikonZ8. Well, it is no longer a rumor as specs continue to roll out on this camera. That got me thinking about how camera manufacturers roll out products, not just Nikon,...

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Practice your skills

As photographers we all know the importance of practicing our basics. Proper hand-holding, panning and getting things right in the camera. Part of practicing our skillset IMHO should also occur in the digital darkroom with apps such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One or...

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The rumored Nikon Z8

The mirrorless revolution is in full swing. Nikon is getting ever closer to announcing the release of the Niko Z8. As of this post there has not been an official release date, but there have been many updates from reputable sites about leaked...

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Essential Gear: Not what you think

Photographers have many thing they probably consider essential gear, but I have found this one to be very valuable and unlike most gear purchases, this one is relatively inexpensive. It gives me piece of mind and is no larger than a quarter. So...

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