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My Blog

Nikon’s Z9 Auto Capture

I have been very eager to use Nikon's new auto capture feature on the brilliant Z9. Finally had a chance this weekend with the most challenging of subjects, hummingbirds. This new feature takes remote photography to the most basic form, simply set and...

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The Nikon Z8, I stand corrected

At the beginning of the Nikon Z8 release, I wrote a post wondering if the Z8 was just a means for Nikon to boost their profits and capitalize on the success of the Z line of mirrorless cameras. Having had a chance to finally...

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Desicion Time on Z 180-600 Lens

The Nikon Z ecosystem keeps improving and bringing out new lenses that compliment the Z series bodies. The most recent is the Nikon Z 180-600 f/5.6-6.3 super telephoto. This looks like a spectacular lens and based on all the videos out there and...

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Learning about the past

If anything, history teaches us about our past. Where we have made mistakes and how far we have come. I love history of all types and while traveling on vacation with the family, we had an opportunity to visit the historic community of...

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New files

It is always a exciting moment when I can add to my libray of files with a new species that I perhaps have seen, but have not yet photographed. That happened this weekend when I was finally able to add the White Crowned Sparrow...

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