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My Blog

Travel Tripods

This is a dilemma that I am sure every photographer faces at some point. Traveling abroad with a tripod, but which one to get. For me personally, I wanted certain things in a travel tripod. It definitely had to be carbon fiber, lightweight, affordable, it...

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Tragopan Blinds: Essential Gear

Getting close to shy critters or birds is always a priority for wildlife photographers. Often though, this is a challenge even with the best techniques and knowledge you will find you may need to employ a blind. Blinds or hides as they are...

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Gear Review: Think Tank Trailscape 18L

Backpacks, Rolling Bags, Sling bags or Daypacks, you name it, I have probably tried it. One thing photographers will tend to accumulate are bags. Why then would I gravitate toward another and the answer is to solve a problem. While planning a...

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Keep those feeders stocked

Spring is a magical time. Things beginnning to green up, critters are doing the birds and the bees thing and the birds are beginning to look for nests to raise the next generation. What a great time to fire up the backyard birding...

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Light Shaping Tool

At some point, as photographers, we are going to want to sell off old gear that we no longer use or have upgraded. Certainly lighting this for postings can be challenging. Product photographers know this and have all kinds of methods for enhancing what...

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Gear Review: Nikon Z f/4.5 S

General Overview: The Z 400mm f4.5 VR S is Nikon’s second 400mm telephoto prime lens for Z-mount after the Z 400mm f2.8 TC VR S.  Nikon as the the smallest and lightest 400mm lens that the company has ever created.  Unlike the Z 800mm f6.3 VR...

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