Camera Upgrade or Not?

With Nikon’s lates release of the Nikon ZIII camera body, the question rolling in is, you guessed it, are you going to upgrade? Valid question, but at this time my answer is no. I already own the Nikon Z8 and Z9 with stacked CMOS sensors. Those camera bodies are double the megapixels as the ZIII and for the moment, are giving me exactly what I require in a camera. I generally will not upgrade everytime a camera hits the market. I usually wait a couple of years, and even then, it has to fulfill a need that is lacking in my workflow and photography.

The ZIII looks like an amazing camera with some great features, and may be the camera for you and your photography, but for me, things are going to remain status quo with the bodies I already have. Like anything NIkon puts out, I am sure this camera will do well with the very popular Z-line of lenses and accessories.