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| Consistent Branding – Why it’s important
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Consistent Branding – Why it’s important

Consistent Branding – Why it’s important

I am not gonna lie. This was something that in the early going of my photographic journey, I was not very consistent with. I had a vision of what it should be, but I did not execute it very well in the early going. Years later, and hopefully much wiser, I have learned from people that have been in the photo industry for a long time and using their advice and recommedations I have been fortunate to have my brand come together.

Credibility and trust are two of the cornerstones of successful brands. Most of the world’s leading brands have built their reputation on these cornerstones. Building trust between a brand and a consumer not only takes time. It also requires a consistent effort. Consistency is important in all aspects of marketing. Here, consistency starts with regularity. Blogging once every month is a great start. If you are blogging weekly, it is worth selecting one specific day when you share your content. This type of consistency creates predictability, which, in turn, creates trust.. The branding also needs to be consistent across your social media platforms as well which will help your recognizability.

Finally, all successful brands evolve. Brand evolution and consistent branding are not mutually exclusive if a brand is built on strong values. Consistency reinforces positive values and builds a strong foundation of trust and credibility from which a brand can continue to grow.