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| Cranbrook Gardens
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Cranbrook Gardens

Cranbrook Gardens

The property of Cranbrook House and Grdens was the residence or George and Ellen Booth at the turn of the twentieth century. Both shared interests in landscaping, art and sculptures, along with having a philathropist spirit. Garnering hsi fortune from publishing, George booth wanted a home befitting of the architecture and such seen in England and around the world. He built Cranbrook with a renwoed architect Albert Kahn which they took posession of in 1908.

With the vast property they bought, the family began collectin art from around the work and revitalizing the landscapes with features such as the reflecting pool. Both loved nature and set out to develop a living space that peacefully co-existed with nature while showcasing the beauty of modern elements. You can walk anywhere around the grounds and see the influence of English countrysides, Roman and Greek architecture along with fountains galore.

Able to access their own private lake of the backyard stairway, they were able to enjoy and wake t a beautiful view each morining. Now run by a non-profit auxillary dedicated to preserving and continuing to develop the land held by the family. The property is kept as close to the original design as possible preserving the vision of the Booth’s. All of the cement walls are built from rocks and stones used during the excavation of the property for the original building. As you can imagine, upkeep is monumental task, but the docents and volunteers do a remarkable job.

The property is amazing to walk and can be done in several hours taking your time to see all 40 acres of grdens. The mission of the Cranbrook houses and gardens auxillary is to preserve, restor and maintain the entire property for the enjoyment, education and cultural enrichment of the members, the community and the public. Considering this wea built in the early 20th century, this was a testament to beauty and harmony with nature. I highly recommend this for a visit to Cranbrook House & Gardens