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| Essential Gear: Not what you think
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Essential Gear: Not what you think

Essential Gear: Not what you think

Photographers have many thing they probably consider essential gear, but I have found this one to be very valuable and unlike most gear purchases, this one is relatively inexpensive. It gives me piece of mind and is no larger than a quarter. So what is this amazing piece of gear that I think everyone should consider?

It is the Apple Air Tag. Apple AirTags are tiny little tracking devices that look like an extra-large breath mint and can run on a button cell battery for a year. They cost $29 each, or four for $99. There is no ongoing subscription fee, and they are only compatible with iPhonesright now..

This would be the number one takeaway for me using the Apple Air Tag(s). AirTags can allow you to locate your stolen or misplaced camera bag (or anything else) most anywhere in the world, at near real-time, as long as there is an iPhone nearby. Think of this as a lost and found for your photo gear.

This is such a simple thing that even 5 years ago, would not have been possible. If you value your gear, and we all do, embrace this technology and look into this simple solution to give you piece of mind when traveling. This is why this, for me, is considered essential gear.