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| Essential Winter Gear
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Essential Winter Gear

Essential Winter Gear

Winter photography is one of the most gratifying for me. One of the challenges in the winter is warmth, especially in the hands. Cold really does not bother me that much, but at times, as temps dip, keeping the digits warm can be challenging. A recent blog post find from Moose Peterson turned me onto the IFEART Hand Warmers.

These lightweight, compact little tech wonders do a fabulous job of keeping my hands warm for shooting in cold temps. They fit right in my coat pocket and have multiple settings for desired level of warmth. On high I get about 3-4 hours, so I just use the medium and that provides plenty of warmth for me. They are magnetic, so you can separate them as you see here, or have them bundled. Here is the other gem for these, they will charge your phone via USB. Brilliant. Cannot recommend these enough. They have become essential winter gear.