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| Memory card mess up
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Memory card mess up

Memory card mess up

I want to share an incident that happened to me regarding my memory cards, specifically XQD versus CFexpress. Now, full disclosure, this was all my fault. Not the card or the camera, but all me. Here is what happened. While on an outing for fun with my family, using my Nikon Z8, I shot about 300 pictures at the zoo. The cards in the camera slot A was an XQD card and the secondary slot was the SD Card. Everything was fine. I could review my images on the back of the LCD as you see in the photog below with no issues and I thought all was fine.

Now, on Nikon’s website for the Nikon Z8, it clearly states in the technical specifications that the storage media compatible with the camera is SD, CFexpress and XQD Type memory. That is indeed the case and the camera was reading the XQD card I had in the camera. The issue I ran into was when I got home as was ready to file and upload th e pictures.

Although the images were seen by the camera, the card reader told me I had to insert media. The drive showed up in my directory but it was as if there was nothing to read. After an hour or so troubleshooting, it dawned on me that I grabbed the XQD card instead of the CFexpress. The reader I use is the Delkin and will only read CFexpress formats Type A and B. It will not read an XQD card. I had to find a dedicated XQD reader and luckily I had an old reader and was able to get PhotoMechanic to bring them up, save them all and then enter them into my DAM client. The issue was totally on me and the lesson was to ensure that witht my camera bodies I only use the CF express cards and take the XQD cards out of the rotation.