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New files

New files

It is always a exciting moment when I can add to my libray of files with a new species that I perhaps have seen, but have not yet photographed. That happened this weekend when I was finally able to add the White Crowned Sparrow to my files. For the last few years, I have seen this sparrow dart in and dart out of the feeders. He would often come when I don’t have the camera out or when I did grab the camera, he would fly off before I could line him up to go click. This time the stars aligned and the I was all set up, already trained my lens on others so swinging it around to go click on the White Crowned Sparrow was easy.

This little sparrow has a beautiful song., 4 different versions along with some alarm chirps to warn others. Forages mainly while hopping and running on ground. Sometimes feeds up in low shrubs, and occasionally will make short flights to catch insects in mid-air. Except during nesting season, usually forages in flocks.