New Offering from Nikon

For many years, I loved shooting with Nikons 70-300 lens for the F-mount. This was one of my favorite travel and walk around lens and produced some of my favorite images. I had the original 70-300 and then upgraded to the VR version when it came out. I still have the 70-300 VR lens and use it on my mirrorless with the FTZ adapter. I just really love the focal length on that lens. When I went all mirrorless a few years back, I was dissapointed that Nikon did not have that focal length in mirrorless. The closest I could get was the Nikon Z 24-200, and I still use this lens, but I really wanted that prior reach and range. Up until now, I had to make do, but Nikon just released the Nikon Z 28-400 and this is what I have been waiting for.

This new release has a slightly wider field of view at 28mm and a longer reach at 400mm. This is now my new travel and walkabout lens.. This lens is going to afford me superior portability and wide-angle to super-telephoto coverage for a wide variety of shooting situations. With a weight of only approx. 725 g, the lightest in its class, making it easy to carry around not only while traveling, but for everyday use as well. Here are the features:

  • Covers a broad range of focal lengths — from 28 mm to 400 mm, a first among NIKKOR Z lenses.
  • Realizes approx. 14.2x zoom, the highest zoom ratio in its class.
  • A minimum focus distance of 0.2 m at the maximum wide-angle position and a maximum reproduction ratio of 0.35x, allow users to get closer to their subjects for dynamic expression.
  • A total length of approx. 141.5 mm and a weight of approx. 725 g, the lightest lens in its class, make this compact and lightweight lens easy to carry and less of a burden during hand-held shooting
  • Stable VR performance equivalent to a 5.0-stop increase in shutter speed effectively reduces blurring in dimly lit surroundings and with hand-held shooting.
  • When paired with a compatible camera, Synchro VR can be activated to achieve up to 5.5-stop stabilization*1 by combining in-camera VR and lens VR
  • Adoption of a stepping motor (STM) enables high-speed AF drive.
  • The design takes video recording into consideration with stable exposure, and provides functions such as focus-breathing suppression that effectively reduces shifting of the angle of view when focusing.
  • Support for linear MF drive enables smooth focusing.
  • Comes with a compact, square lens hood that combines superior performance and usability, offering ghosting reduction and enabling zooming operation even when attached inverted.
  • Designed to be dust- and drip-resistant with thorough sealing on various portions including movable parts of the lens barrel to keep dust and water droplets from entering the lens

I am super excited to get this in my hands and start shooting and cannot wait to see if this lens is going to stack up against its predecessor, but I have a feeling that it will do just fine as the new kid.