Nikon Z9 Problem Solved

The Nikon Z9 is an amazing powerhouse for your photographic needs. It is customizable in countless ways which truly makes the Nikon Z9 a dream to adapt to your photography. On the other hand, all those customizable settings can also cause some frustrations at times. I had one such moment and this one occurred with my display, both the monitor and the EVF. Under the custom settings menu > Shooting display D20 Monitor and D21 Viewfinder, I had the options checked that I wanted, including the histogram for both the EVF and the Monitor. The problem was that that the histogram would not show on either.

My solution was to turn off the customsetting D11 > Starlgiht view (Photo Lv). (At the time of this frame capture, it was prior to the most recent firmware updgrade which bumped the Starlight view from D9 to D11) Once that was turned off, all of the selected information that I had chosen was available. This drove me nuts for some time trying to figure this out, Now that it is done, It works fine and I am happy to have my histogram back for adjustments as needed. I hope this little post saves someone the frustrations that I had trying to solve this.