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| Nikon’s Z9 Auto Capture
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Nikon’s Z9 Auto Capture

Nikon’s Z9 Auto Capture

I have been very eager to use Nikon’s new auto capture feature on the brilliant Z9. Finally had a chance this weekend with the most challenging of subjects, hummingbirds. This new feature takes remote photography to the most basic form, simply set and forget it. What I learned was that it works and works pretty well but there are some challenges. For me it was trying to determine whether to use distance, motion or subject detection.

These shots are using motion. Not bad but not award winning by any means. There were times when the feeder swayed into the fram and the camera fired on cue, but with no subject . I am not sure it is totatlly reliable with critters yet. The camera does not adjuct for color and light, it simply does what it is told, fires off frames base on your settings. I think this has portential and I look foward to how Nikon is going to evolve this technology.