Old Meets New

As my wife can attest to, I rarely get rid of older photographic equipment. I guess I am always of the mindset that I will need something some day. Well that day finally happened! When I purchased my new telephoto lens, I needed a flash bracket. I have a number of them, and I was hoping the one that I used on my previous 500mm lens, the BR-91 from Really Right Stuff would work.

Alas, it did not as it did not have enough clearance on the top of the lens. My search began in earnest as often I am shooting with a flash, birds in particular. I started going through my drawers of brackets and I discovered my old Wimberley F-1 Telephoto Combo Flash Bracket for Telephoto Lenses with Arca-type Quick Release Plates.

This old flash bracket fit great on the lens foot and cleared the lens with plenty of room solving a problem that I needed solved. Sometimes, new is not always the answer and I can finally justify my keeping all this gear to the Misses letting her know that sometimes it is good when old meets new.