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| Photographers and thick skin
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Photographers and thick skin

Photographers and thick skin

As creatives, photographers put themselves and their work out there often knowing full well that criticsim will surely come from some who don’t like the product. There are those who can constructively review your work and provide insights and for those individuals, I value thier opinion and usually will listen to their suggestions taking them to heart. Others, simply look to demean and pick apart what they feel is wrong with photograph or artwork. Case in point, the composite below.

This was a composite that I played around with and liked the final product. It is not intended to be a historically accurate representation of the Mitsubishi Zero, but simplay artwork of the aircraft itself with a picture I took at an airshow a few years back. When I posted this on a certain social media, a number of folks began commenting on the picture with many negative things to say. Comments ranged from angry citing it is not a historically accurate setting to the direction of light is all wrong among others. Now, I new all these things ahead of time and my intention was never to please everyone. It was simply something I created and liked. I had to laugh at those folks that feel the need to express their negative opinions as if it makes them feel superior by doing so.

As photographers, their are always going to be dissatisified people with what you put out their irregardless of genre or specialty. If the final picture or photograph is something that you like and enjoy, then all of their opinions are irrelevant. Listen to only those voices that you respect and can help move your photography forward. The rest is just white noise and having thick skin doesn’t hurt either.