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| Photography is not about likes
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Photography is not about likes

Photography is not about likes

I have to chuckle when I am among other photographers and I hear them talking about likes, and followers. It is as if their photography depends on this and they become hyper-focused on how many views a particular photo received. This then seems to drive what they want to photograph. I can understand using statistics and tracking logistics to help build your brand, but it should not dictate what you shoot. Most photographers gravitate toward particular genres, myself included, but I don’t let my Twitter (X), Facebook or Instagram dictate what I shoot.

I post images because I feel that as a photographer, it is my duty to share pictures. Sharing is important because I feel that it can inspire others looking at my work to realize that they too, can do this. I always welcome comments and positive feedback on all my images and if the follower is someone that I respect I take the comments to heart, critically looking at what is being said to see if it will help my photography evolve. It is nice to know that a photography you may have taken has touched someone or has evoked a specific memory that may have been forgotten, and if someone takes the time to send out an image to their followers, I always make it a point to thank them. This is why I share and how I view my social media streams. It is not about the likes but rather sharing images that you are proud of and helping to build a brand. Stay focused on what makes photography a joy for you and stop worrying about the rest.