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Resting on the premise that you have the shot is not the best way to continue to grow and move your photography forward. In this episode, I share my thoughts about this phrase that I hear quite often from struggling photographers.
In this episode I share the acronym HASTE that helps me get the best photograph I can prior to shooting.
I share three things that can immediately help improve your photography.
Asked this question at a workshop, it gave my pause to think about this and I share my thoughts and answer in this episode.
Thoughts on prepping for photo trips and planning ahead for having successful outings.
With the advent of summer upon us, I address some questions that rolled in regarding what basics to take to and airshow. Not only gear, but some other essentials that you may not have thought about taking with you.
In this podcast I share my thoughts on things to consider when looking at getting a new camera.
How you compose your photograph can often be a daunting task when looking through the viewfinder. I share some thoughts on how I approach composition with a simple mental checklist each time I raise the camera eye.
In this episode I briefly layout why making photographic goals is a good practice to ensure success.
What sets a photographer apart from someone who just takes pictures. I have a few thoughts on that in this latest podcast.