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When asked why I shoot with those lenses by a non-photographer, it got my thinking. In this episode I talk about why I shoot with specific lenses and how it fits my style of photography.
In this episode I discuss a conversation I had with a beginner photography on craft versus post processing.
This podcast is a shout out to all my mentors who have nurthured and taught me over the years, passing along their wisdom.
In this episode I share my opinions on why I don’t think AI will replace photographers.
I offer some thoughts on which lens to reach for and why in my latest podcast.
In this episode, short and sweet, I share why I shoot duplicates while I am out shooting, whether it be a client shoot or for personal.
Resting on the premise that you have the shot is not the best way to continue to grow and move your photography forward. In this episode, I share my thoughts about this phrase that I hear quite often from struggling photographers.
In this episode I share the acronym HASTE that helps me get the best photograph I can prior to shooting.
I share three things that can immediately help improve your photography.
Asked this question at a workshop, it gave my pause to think about this and I share my thoughts and answer in this episode.