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Social media has both advantages and disadvantages for photographers. In this podcast we discuss each and how it might help you make a decision on whether to use social media or not.
Whether beginner or advanced, photography is all about constant learning. Not simply learning for the sake of learning but rather learning what we think we need to be better photographers.
Often times new photographers are very unsure of how to proceed with exposure, aperture and even white balance which can lead them to miss the moment. In this podcast we explore how you might overcome those fears and move your photography forward.
Is instant gratification good for your photography? I discuss why it might not be the best thing and why you should put in the time and allow the journey of photography to give you the gratification you seek.
What is the best f/stop to use for wildlife? Avery common question that I seem to get via email and when out shooting with fellow photographers. In this podcast episode I try to address this questions and also discuss shutter speed and ISO a bit.
A chill is in the air, leaves are falling and the birds have begun their migrations to warmer climates. All this can mean only one thing, fall is upon us. With fall, comes fall color. In this podcast I offer some thoughts and tips on...
What are some signs that you may have too much camera gear? Too much gear you say, that cannot be about me! Well, there may be some indications that traveling a bit lighter may be better and those closets and drawers full of photographic gear...
In this episode I discuss why free should not be part of your business plan and how this can affect the perceptions of all photographers and often make it difficult to restore faith in photographers once the damage has been done. Nowhere in the business...
Ever get stuck wondering which lens is the best option at a specific moment? Well, rest assured you are not alone. I think all photographers have been there at one time or another. In this episode I share some advice that was passed on to...