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How do you get closer to your wildlife subjects? I have a few different thoughts on how you might go about that.
Getting started in photography does take some persistance and work. In this episode I share my journey on getting established with a bit of luck at first and then planning.
There are many places to draw inspiration for your photography. In this episode I offer a few suggestions to help move your photography along.
Adobe just wrapped up there version of Photoshop World and announced some nice upgrades to the software we use the most like Photoshop, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic along with some brand new software for you social media aficionados that do video.
Are the new mirrorless cameras recently released something that you would want to add to your camera bag? I discuss that from my perspective as DSLR shooter.
In this, the inaugural podcast, I want to address a common question popping up in my email lately. What workshops should I attend?