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Practice your skills

Practice your skills

As photographers we all know the importance of practicing our basics. Proper hand-holding, panning and getting things right in the camera. Part of practicing our skillset IMHO should also occur in the digital darkroom with apps such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One or any other program that is utilized to post process images. That has been my focus as of late. Trying to improve my skillset with compositing. This is a very creative way to use your photographs in allowing your thoughts and vision to come together.

Personally, I have found this type of mental exercise rejuvaniting for those times when I seem to be getting a bit stale or uninspired. Not only is using current or past photos a good way to share, but also perhaps learing something new or really getting good at a specific post processing technique that may serve you well when a potential client comes knocking looking for perhaps just that type of look. Having practice you will be ready.

A second aspect of compositing that I have found really helpful is that it expands my creativity in telling the story or a particular subject. I have found that this is carrying over into my mindset behind the camera when I am taking the picture. Having a good imagination for a photographer is healthy and, at least in my case, gets me to really expand the possibilities of what I can do with the photographs I have taken.

I will be the first to admit that there are photographers out there that are way better at this than I am, In fact, they make a living at it and a very good one for that matter doing just the compositing. I do draw inspiration from them and that in turns also feeds and excites my creativity. The challenge of taking a 2 dimentional image and attempting to give it depth and bring it to life is somethign that I am continuing to work on and has been helping to feed my creative process. This carries over into all genres of my photography and has been very advantageous in helping me become a better photographer.