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Print Production Time

Upon placing the order throught the website, I will personally review your requests for the print ensure that there are no errors in the order and the forward the print to lab I affiliate with for production. This will be completed with 24 hour time frame (unless I am out of the office in which case I will communicate the delay to you directely via email). The acrylic prints require a 3 week lead time for production. The length of time is directly related to the process used to print and the high quality materials used to create your artwork that will hold up over time and provide many years of beauty in your home or office. My goal for each client is to have them completely satisfied with your investment. The Canvas prints, ChromaLuxe Metal and Dibond Aluminum prints also rquire 3-4 weeks of production time given the unique process to bond your print the desired application. Prints larger than the 48×72 may require additional production time. Please feel free to reach out to me via email for questions.



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