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| Gear Review: Profoto A10
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Gear Review: Profoto A10

Gear Review: Profoto A10

For years I have been using Nikon Speedlights and truth be told, they have served me well and functioned as advertised. To this day I still utilize them as needed and the ones that I use are the SB-5000 speedlights. Recently, while out shooting with some friends, one had the Profoto A10 and I must say, I was impressed with its functionality and what it brought to the table.

The soft wrapping light that this produced made the subject look so nice that I had to try his. After shooting with it for few minutes, I was hooked and had to have one of my own. This light is a bit bigger than the Nikon SB-5000, but the round head, in my humble opinion produces such a more favorable light.


The Profoto A10 is a full frame light with coverage from 32mm to 105mm This can be controlled by the zoom ring around the light or in the menu sysytem. The head swivels and the flash duration is from 1/800th to 1/20000th of a second with an almost unheard of 1 sec recycle time. As and added bonus if you will it even has a modeling light.


The light is specific to make of camera. Profoto makes this model for NikonCanonSony and Fuji. Each has high speed sync, TTL, Auto and Manual modes. It also allow for flash compensation from -3 to +3 EV with 1/3 increments for precise control.

Other Specs:

The Profoto A10 has 20 different channels with ups to 6 groups. It is radio controlled up to 1000 feet for both TTL and Manual. No more AAA batteries, this light has a li-on battery that I have found to have incredible styaing power up to about 3000 flashes at the power setting I use. Its 2.75″ round, tilting, rotating head, which is the physical feature most responsible for the A10’s natural-looking light with its soft gradual fall-off which I love. All adjustments are indicated on the exceptionally readable white on black LCD display. They really thought this out because with Profoto’s ground-breaking “AirX” technology, you can get the use of full flash power of your A10 when shooting with your iPhone. The Profoto Camera iOS app literally turns your smartphone into a professional camera.  In addition to this type of control they have quite a few accessories to taylor the light to your needs.  You can see the accessories of the Profoto website.

This is a light tool that if you can afford it, should be in your photo bag. It can take your pictures to the next level, it is that good of a light. I rely on this for everything from wildlife, aviation and even creative landscapes. I cannot recommend this light enough.