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Search for Eagles

Search for Eagles

The Great Lakes region, especially in the winter can be a hotbed for photographing eagles, particularly, bald eagles. Even though eagles will scavenge for food, a fresh fish dinner is preferred when they can get one. This year, the winters have been especially mild, with temps at times alomost reaching 50 degrees making for ice flows rather than a sold sheet of ice. This becomes and opportunity for the eagles to fish in the areas of the flows that are not solid ice. Having said all that, you would think that it would be easy to get some shots of the eagles behavior doing what they do best. However, the aforementioned weather creates its share of problems. With the warmer air temps and the cold ice that was frozen, fog and mist were prevalent with gray overcast skies for the whole day.

I could hear the eagles on the ice, but could not seem them visually given the fog. As a photographer, it is often my job to make lemonade out of lemons as the proverbial saying goes. My mind turned to landscapes and how I could bring back a picture to tell the story. Even though the main objective was photographing wildlife, I still brought my landscape lens, as you neve know what Mother nature will provide. Despite not being able to get glass on the eagles, it was an amazing day spent in nature that just furthured my desire to continue to search for eagles.