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The New Kid

For many years, I loved shooting with Nikons 70-300 lens for the F-mount. This was one of my favorite travel and walk around lens and produced some of my favorite images. I had the original 70-300 and then upgraded to the VR version...

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Spring Sale Event

I am currently doing some spring cleaning for my prints and thought, what better time to have a sale. All prints are 25% off for signature event just use the code SPRING2024 to obtain the discount. If there is a certain size...

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The Business Side of Things

Venturing into photography for the love of photography is one thing, but transitioning into making it a business, full or part time, is a completely different endeavor all together as I am finding out. I have always been told by other who have seen...

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Tips for shooting in the snow

With winter upon us, I thought it would be nice to offer some tips for shooting in the snow that have helped my my photography . These may seem basic, but they are practical and are tried and true, So without further delay,...

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Memory card mess up

I want to share an incident that happened to me regarding my memory cards, specifically XQD versus CFexpress. Now, full disclosure, this was all my fault. Not the card or the camera, but all me. Here is what happened. While on...

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The social side of photography

Finding a genre in photography that excites you I believe is what can keep you going. The excitement of trying to better photographs that already have or capturing something new is all part of the passion for me.. On aspect I really enjoy...

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Nikon Z8 for Airshows

I was very excited to try the Nikon Z8 for an upcoming airshow that I have been looking forward to for sometime. Having many of the same characteristics of the Nikon Z9, I was eager to put it through its paces. Here is...

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Photographers and thick skin

As creatives, photographers put themselves and their work out there often knowing full well that criticsim will surely come from some who don't like the product. There are those who can constructively review your work and provide insights and for those individuals, I value...

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Desicion Time on Z 180-600 Lens

The Nikon Z ecosystem keeps improving and bringing out new lenses that compliment the Z series bodies. The most recent is the Nikon Z 180-600 f/5.6-6.3 super telephoto. This looks like a spectacular lens and based on all the videos out there and...

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Practice your skills

As photographers we all know the importance of practicing our basics. Proper hand-holding, panning and getting things right in the camera. Part of practicing our skillset IMHO should also occur in the digital darkroom with apps such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One or...

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Essential Gear: Not what you think

Photographers have many thing they probably consider essential gear, but I have found this one to be very valuable and unlike most gear purchases, this one is relatively inexpensive. It gives me piece of mind and is no larger than a quarter. So...

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