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The Business Side of Things

The Business Side of Things

Venturing into photography for the love of photography is one thing, but transitioning into making it a business, full or part time, is a completely different endeavor all together as I am finding out. I have always been told by other who have seen my work ” You should go into business and sell your images” . I have always kindly said thanks, and moved on. to the next thing. I have sold a few images here and there, but nothing substantial. Recently, more requests have been coming in via email about some of my images and how to purchase them. It was this epiphany that caused me to stop and think, maybe I should move forward to a more formal business model of being able to sell my images to prospective clients.

Ensuring that I had the right experience for potential clients and buyers was a high priority for me as buying artwork for walls and decor is a very visual experience. My art gallery site is designed to do just that. Encompassing everything from the print size, medium, framing. AI reality and delivery, This is not a plug-in or cookie cutter site, rather and experience for visitor to genuinely see what is the right fit for them. Thus far, helping to build the site to my specifications, wants and needs has been some work and their has been a bit of a learning curve regarding how to price my work. Prior to launch, a lot of research was done looking at sites that had similar setups to what I was looking to accomplish. I looked at their pricing, their work and what I did and did not like from a consumers perspective, carefully taking notes for my potential site.

The end result was something that I am proud of and feel presents a professional look for selling my work. Their is even a virtual gallery walkthrough to showcase my images in a gallery type setting. Given all this, I want to be clear that their is still no guarantee for success or sales. The biggest part of the business that I am learning is the marketing and social media components.. This is not my area of expertise and I have help in this area from individuals who do nothing but marketing and so far, I have seen some positive results. Certainly running a business is on the new side from me and I am absorbing as much as I can from seasoned professionals who already have successful businesses in photography.. I am enjoying the rigors of this aspect of photography for the moment and hope to continue to learn the business side of things.