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| The rumored Nikon Z8
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The rumored Nikon Z8

The rumored Nikon Z8

The mirrorless revolution is in full swing. Nikon is getting ever closer to announcing the release of the Niko Z8. As of this post there has not been an official release date, but there have been many updates from reputable sites about leaked specs. Nikon does not officially have anything on there main site or the USA site yet, but there was this from a Nikon site overseas that shows a placeholder for the Nikon Z8. Usually the european sites and sites abroad post new products prior to the USA site.

I always approach these pictures a bit skeptically with the advent of Photoshop as things like this are easy to replicate and create, but Nikon Rumors has posted this same image and they seem to have their finger on all things Nikon so it probably is legit. The Nikon Z8 is supposed to be a hybrid between the flagship Nikon Z9 and the popular Nikon Z7II. The form factor is going to be like the Z6 and Z7 with regards to size. It will allegedly have and improved EVF and autofocus and have the same sensor as the Z9 and will be the heir apparent to the Nikon D850.

Each successive iteration of a new camera seems to have more and more megapixels and I always ask why. How many megapixels. are necessary to have a great image. I am sure that there are those out there that may need the large file size for their work or genre, but my Nikon Z9 with 45.7 million megapixels can print a billboard size print already and I highly doubt, no let me say definitively, I will never need a. print that size..

The takeaway for me regarding this speculation is that like all Nikon cameras, it will be a remarkable tool for anyone who will require the functionality and specs it will eventually end up with. I personally will not be needing the Nikon Z8 for the type of photography I shoot, but look forward to seeing images from those who do. You can find Nikons entire family of Nikon mirrorless cameras here.