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| The social side of photography
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The social side of photography

The social side of photography

Finding a genre in photography that excites you I believe is what can keep you going. The excitement of trying to better photographs that already have or capturing something new is all part of the passion for me.. On aspect I really enjoy is the social aspect. An example of this would be the airshow that I attended this past weekend. It is close to home and one that occurs each year. Inevitably, the same folks also attend, some that I go the whole year without seeing just given the geographic distances between where we live. It becomes a catch up session on what we have been up to photographically,

The time seems to fly by, (no pun intended given we are gathering at an airshow) and not only do we enjoy the aircraft photography, but exchanging tips, techniques, stories and sharing of pictures.. Inevitably, I learn something new in the exchange of ideas and story telling which is something I look forward to just as much as the actual show. Photography is not just about capturing the moment, but also sharing what you have learned and learning something new to help better your craft. Most things that one enjoys are better shared and photography is not different. That is why I look forward to and enjoy the social side of photography.