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| Tragopan Blinds: Essential Gear
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Tragopan Blinds: Essential Gear

Tragopan Blinds: Essential Gear

Getting close to shy critters or birds is always a priority for wildlife photographers. Often though, this is a challenge even with the best techniques and knowledge you will find you may need to employ a blind. Blinds or hides as they are sometimes called, can be many different styles. One of the best I have used is the Tragaopan V6 Photo blind. Designed by photographers for photographers, this blind along with their entire line just makes sense.

Easy setup, vented roof, viewing windows on three sides, this blind is great for concelaing yourself to photograph shy subjects. It does such a great job of concealing your silohouette that I have had birds land on the roof and even the lens barrel. Inside there is plenty of room when seated to move comfortably. You can, as shown here have the windos completely camouflaged or there is a mesh as well if you choose a more open look. Durable and water repellant, this blind is an essential tool in my kit for wildlife photography.