Tripod Spikes

If you do any kind of macro, landscape, wildlife, just about anything on a tripod, you want the best stable platform possible. Often times the rubber feet on the tripod are not the best answer and switching to spikes or claws is the answer. Many times I have found myself switching only to think, there has to be a better way. Well for me at least, I have found the answer! Leofoto makes long spikes that are in essence, an all in one.

They come in a set of three Leofoto Long Spikes with Rubber Boots is compatible with almost all tripods. They are stainless steel and will not rust, even if used in saltwater environments. I personally still rinse and maintain them after use to prevent any potential problems. They add very little weight to the tripod, less than a pound, and the best part is, they add an additional bit of height (about 4 inches) to the tripod.

The feet screw on for when spikes are not needed and then screw off to expose the spikes. Time saver for sure. One other thing that I do to help prolong their life is to apply a compound to the threads called super lube. It helps waterproof them and every couple months I will check to see if it needs to be reapplied. Just a little thing I do for maintainence. Totally optional. These guys are always on my tripod and travel with me. Great accessory and highly recommend.